Travel Compass

Logo & Identity

We were asked to design and create a logo and brand identity system for a new Travel Guide Company and its book series named Travel Compass.

The logo and visual identities created should convey a message of joy, fun, adventure, unity and trust. 

The Travel Guide Book was targeted primarily to families with teenagers. Its main objective is to recommend families places and destinations where everybody in the family can enjoy, provide effortless planning, guided lifetime experiences. Help travelers learn about other cultures, understand their traditions, history, landmarks and cuisine. 

As per more detailed information, we developed a Scope of Designe which can be found attached.

We then started working, first we research on what elements we wanted to use for the logo itself and for the brand identity. We developed a mood-board and then a mind-map. Finally using different combinations of travel related words such as compass, plane, rose of winds, sun and sea, we started sketching some ideas for the logo.

Logo drafts developed using Illustrator

We also worked on the color pallet and typography for the logo. We finally decided to present the following logo as the final proposal.

We then presented a Visual Identity for the Company. We mainly proposed not only show landmarks, city landscapes or main attractions of the different cities, but also the experiences of the people, the emotions of joy for being together, having fun and being part of the adventure that every travel brings.

Book Mock-up

In our proposal, we included a proposed social media theme, a web banner, a webpage design and e-mail signature as part of the Brand Identity.