OrHealth Project

Logo & Brand Identity

A new start-up asked CBYP to develop its brand identity and logo. OrHealth LLC is a new business interested in improving the life of the Hispanic communities in the U.S. They are importing different Hispanic healthy food products for Latinos, offering them some of their heritage foods. Their main purpose is providing a healthy option for this minority to which their health has been impacted enormously by a lack of Nutritional Education and a high-fat / high-sugar Western diet.    

Our main challenge was to make it clear that the company’s purpose was “Healthy Food” , and not a Health company. That is why we tried to start up with a plate and utensils as part of the logo.

These are some of the drafts developed in illustrator that we presented to the client. In terms of color, the client wanted warm colors. We started working with some gradient, but finally we decided together to use an orange solid color with a tan/grayish shadow.

Finalizing the logo, we were able to build a Brand Identity for the Company. This included a color palette and typography to be used in their communications. We provided templates for business cards, e-signature, letterhead paper, web theme, etc.

Web and Online Store

OrHealth then asked to develop their web page.

Working with WordPress, we developed the company website. It is available in the following link:


We helped to develop the content of the page working in collaboration with the owner of the Company. As soon as the Company had products available, we started working on the online store.

They decided to use a new domain name for the store “orhealthfoods.com”, so wanted a logo for the online store related to the OrHealth logo. We went for a simple solution using the OrHealth Logo.

Using WordPress and WooCommerce, we developed the online store. The online store is now live and getting orders! The company got their first order in December 2021.


Since then, we are working with the company to keep the content of their web page updated and adding products to the online store, keep prices and information up to date as well as improving their SEO and traffic. There is still lots of work to do in terms of marketing their store and we will continue to support OrHealth as long as possible.

Social Media Marketing

CBYP also helped develop OrHealth’s social media presence, by setting up their Instagram and Facebook accounts and providing content for posting continuously. We are also starting an ad campaign to evaluate the effect of social media ads that pursue an increase of sales at the store. You can access their account in the following links.

Design for Printing

OrHealth asked us to develop some labels for some of the products they have started to import with their own label and brand name “Kukull”. they needed to translate labels (from spanish to english) and to make sure the labels comply with FDA standards. CBYP was able to help them. These are some of the labels we have created for OrHealth.