Gerlum Project

Web and On-line Store

CBYP developed a web page for Gerlum Organicos. This is a company located in Guadalajara, Mexico. They have organic farms and deliver their products to their customers homes every week.

This is a small company that has been in the market for 5 years, but have struggled to have an up to date web page. They contacted another vendor when they started their business who built their first webpage. But the company has changed a lot over the years and it was hard for them to keep the information in the website updated.

CBYP developed a new webpage, having in mind that there is some information that will need to be updated very frequently, such as their product catalogue. That is why you will find that in the “Nuestros Productos” (Our products) section, there are two links so the updated lists of their catalogue can be easily changed.

Social Media Marketing

We have also been working with Gerlum Organicos to develop its social presence.

We have worked with them to create posts, communications, and even managed to partner with influencers that can help promote their brand. CBYP also build an ad strategy to get more leads and new customers.

Icons and Illustrations

CBYP has developed many Icons and illustrations for Gerlum Organicos. Most of them, have been used for social media posts, or for communication tools for their customers.

Also, we have developed infographics for Gerlum. One example is this brochure that provides information on Gerlum’s processes, and how customers can build their own order.

Design for Printing

For Gerlum, CBYP has done many designs that help promote their business, products, and services. Below, you will find the design of a trifold with the list of all the products that you can purchase from them. This was developed in Adobe Illustrator and printed in Glossy Premium paper to be delivered to every client.