About Me

CBYP is headed by Chantal BeltranyPuga (CBYP). She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, and worked several years for Hewlett-Packard in different Marketing positions, such as Sales and Communications Tools, Market Research and Product Development.

After working for HP for 10 years, she started many projects.

She developed an educational video for parents and babies that teaches ASL (American Sign Language) called “Dimelo con tus Manos” (Tell me with your hands). The main purpose of the project is that babies can start communicating using their hands by signing before they can even start to talk. She worked as an instructor for some years of workshops for parents and babies.

She also started an Organic Farm business called Gerlum Organicos in Guadalajara, Mexico. She now mostly works as a digital media consultant for Gerlum.

She is finishing her Associate Degree in UX and App Design, Marketing/Digital Communications in West Valley College in California.

She is knowledgable of many design tools such as Adobe Creative Suite, WordPress, E-commerce, etc.

She is proactive, creative, problem solving, and results oriented.

With her experience and attention to every detail, be sure CBYP will do everything to understand you and your customers to better design, create and build what is needed for your success.